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Chinese Villager Coal Stove




Conserve your fuel this winter with a tiny stove.  Cast Iron potbelly stove has a shaker grate for burning bituminous coal and anthracite. It will also burn wood just fine, but has no draft control in the bottom,  This makes it difficult to tamp the fire down for a long and efficient burn.  It is made in China to burn coal, which is very common in most of the country.

This stove should last forever. It comes with 4 sections of stovepipe and two elbows. The elbow jams onto the oval-shaped opening in the back of the stove for a tight, no-leak fit. There is no draft control on the chimney, as coal does not need it.
Also comes with a handle for the removable top plate, tongs, a coal shovel, and an ash picker.  This is a complete package.  Ships in two boxes.
We have a limited supply of these in hand. But we will take back orders, with 6-week delivery, depending on the option you select.

Additional information

Weight 26.0 lbs
Dimensions 20.0 × 20.0 × 12.0 in

Height 34cm, Height 39cm, Height 45cm


40-60 Days (Shipping Included), 10-14 Days (Shipping Included), 3-10 Days (In Hand, Shipping is extra)