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Solar Vacuum Cooker – Unlimited Fuel from the Sun


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This solar cooker is extremely useful, because unlike other solar cookers that just focus the energy of the sun, this guy focuses the heat on a vacuum chamber. The inside of the cylinder is a real vacuum chamber, similar to a Thermos with a glass interior.

The inside of the glass chamber is brown, so the sun hits it and heats it up. The vacuum keeps all of that heat in, because heat can't transfer through a vacuum.

That gives you a really hot meal in a very short amount of time.

We cooked bread in this cooker, which browns at over 300 degrees generally, so this cooker would be great for sterilizing water, as well as cooking whatever. The "oven" insert is about 2" wide by just over 19" long. So it isn't a lot of food, but certainly enough for one meal for two people.

It cooks so quickly and efficiently that in a short window of sun you could easily cook two meals. The whole tube tilts so that you can track the sun, and the design allows you to keep the food upright as the cylinder turns. It is really a genius device. Even on a mostly cloudy day it gets up to temperature and holds it using the brief periods of full sun.

In our picture here the end is not cooked as well as the rest. For this batch, we did not seal the end, and it does not stay in well without a piece of tape or something. This is probably the only minor design flaw, but easily overcome.

No prepper pantry should be without this useful little guy. It comes in a travel bag, and the construction is fairly durable, though it is glass so don't drop it.



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Dimensions 26.0 × 8.0 × 8.0 in

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