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Rocket Stove From Turkey – Meduim


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These stoves burn wood or coal and come from the village life in Turkey. They are made by a local machine shop by hand, one at a time.  We’re able to secure a shipment of them as this international disaster unfolded, and when they are gone they are gone. 


The design is probably the most “rocket” of any stoves you will see. The top is a series of cones that force the flames from your fire small, compressing them for that “rocket stove” effectiveness sought by many products but actually seen in these. 


In all three stoves, there is an inner wall insert, to at least theoretically hold some of the heat into the burn chamber. This will also make the stoves longer lasting. All three have a draft lever, and a grate for ashes, with holes if you wanted to try coal. 


There are three sizes.


The small is H”15in W”6.5  

The fuel door is W”4.6


The medium is H”17.8in W”8.5

The fuel door is W”5.1in


The large is H”18in W”10.5

The fuel door is W”7.5in


The large comes with a reversible grate and grill or use with charcoal briquettes 


All three of these stoves are extremely stable and can bear the weight of a large pot or frypan.  How many people for whom you intend to cook should be the deciding factor in choosing which size is best for you, subject to availability. 


All three of them will easily keep even the largest canner pot up to temperature and would be enough heat for a large still.  


The best products for off-grid are to look to those who are currently living off-grid.  Right now Turkish villagers are utilizing these stoves for all of their5 cooking needs.   No matter how large or small your off-grid cooking needs, if you have a supply of wood, these stoves are about as good as you can get. 

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Weight 8.5625 lbs
Dimensions 10.0 × 10.0 × 18.9 in

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richard cotter
nice size good price

actually not used but impressed so much i sent order for the large

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