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Motion Sensor Audible Perimeter Alarm


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A motion detector is hard to escape, if it is even possible to escape it.  This unit couples a motion detector with an audible alarm. It acts as a force multiplier for guard duty, warning you in advance that something is coming your way.

This alarm runs on 3AAA batteries, and covers a cone about 20 degrees, at least 50 yards from the unit. So it is a tight beam, but activates far away. We have not pushed the outside distance. On a very still area it could be double that.  Do not mount in the wind as the unit is very sensitive.  The sound emitted is fairly tame, not shrill, and loud enough to hear on a quiet night at least 100 yards away, but that would be the outside distance, as it is not terribly loud. Further than five feet it probably would not wake the average sleeper.  Not weatherproof.

Please watch this video for more information

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Weight 0.1875 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in

1 Alarm, 2 Alarms