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XL Mylar Bags – Long Term Food Storage


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These large Mylar Bags are made for long-term food storage. They will give you the best protection when you need to put food away and want to preserve your grain against any climate.

Even though this is a zip lock bag, we recommend you use a heat sealer bc it can bust open. If you use an impact sealer it will not open at all and will keep water, bugs, and humidity from soiling your food.

These are made out of aluminum and are 4 mils thick.

Examples of how these large Mylar Bags can be used:

  • One 50 lbs bag of flour
  • One 50 lbs bag of rice
  • Two 25 lbs bags of red kidney beans
  • Three 20 lbs bags of beans
  • Ten 5 lbs bags of flour
  • Four 10 lbs bags of flour
  • 40 lbs bags of elbow pasta

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Pack of 10, Pack of 20

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