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Exploding Chinese Grain Puffer


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This product is sold for display only. The working pressure is over 100 PSI. If you choose to use it for its intended purpose, you do so at your own risk.

Most likely if you visit a small village in China today you will stumble across a street vendor selling puffed corn.

The street vendors gain attention from the crowd with an explosion and a giant puff of steam. The corn explodes out of the front and is caught in a bag of some sort. Then the vendor sells the corn. This is not popcorn. It is puffed corn. Most likely if you visit your local health food store you will find bags sold of puffed corn today.

The store will also have puffed rice, puffed wheat puffed millet, and potentially other puffed grains.

This pressurized cooking vessel is a small version of the exact system used by street vendors, on a small scale.

In China, these machines are very common as they are considered a sign of wealth. And these small ones are part of a long tradition, much like family movie night with popcorn in the US.

It will puff 3-4 ounces of all the above grains in a single batch. Please see the video. Popcorn varieties come out like popcorn. For the puffed corn you must use a larger grain of corn like dent corn.

Few in the Western world have ever even seen this kind of spectacle. Let alone tried it. This product is not for foolish people who do foolish things, even for display. It does not include instructions. The Chinese just know how to use it and they do not fear it.

The street vendors have now even adapted the larger version of this product for use as a stir fry pressure cooker. Instead of popping it, they unscrew a pressure release valve. We may offer the large version so please let us know if you are interested. They are both hand crank and electric turning models and they pop several pounds of grain. Included: A pair of thick gloves a bag to pop the puffed grain in 6 tools Alcohol Burner Grain Popper



A pair of thick gloves
A bag to pop the puffed grain in
6 tools
Alcohol Burner
Grain Popper

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Weight 4.46875 lbs
Dimensions 11.0 × 5.0 × 7.0 in

Grian Puffer + alcohol heater, Grian Puffer + alcohol heater + extra stove

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Pop goes the Weasel

Better quality than expected

:Karson-Marsh: Branham.
Great product I recommend for the complete pantry in gridlessness

Make your own puffed grain cereals. No more post, Kellogg or General Mills? No problem with the grain puffing cannon!