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Colloidal Silver Machine


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Make your own colloidal silver water with this easy kit.  The benefits of colloidal silver are numerous in an off grid situation. There is no better water purifying agent. It kills bacteria, and it has been shown to cure a lot of common ailments.


This kit consists of our proprietary cap that holds the electrodes, and fits a standard wide mouth Mason jar.  There are other kits out there that use a proprietary jar, and the electrode holder is unstable and can easily break off. Ours is rock solid, and you do not have to transfer your colloidal silver after making it.  Just move on to the next Mason jar.


We offer this kit in both an assembled and a not assembled version.  Both kits come with 99.99% pure silver rods, six inches long, in 12 gauge.


The basic kit contains:


1. The electrode holder

2. The cap that holds it

3. The silver rods

4. A 1.6 amp 12volt power supply that fits the electrode holder.

5. A laser pointer

6. A total dissolved solids meter

7. Full instructions (also see the video)


The unassembled kit does not have batteries for the laser, which is 2 AAAs, and the TDS meter which is one 2032 button cell.  Nor does it come with a Mason jar. the assembled kit has the batteries and the jar.


See the video for how to assemble the kit. It is extremely easy.

Additional information

Weight 1.59375 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 7.5 in

Assembled, Barebones