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Camouflage Netting


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Camouflage netting is the ultimate luxury product for preppers. These nets can serve two purposes. One is obviously to camouflage large objects. The second is to string between trees or buildings to allow free movement inside the encampment without being spotted by motion detecting cameras from overhead aircraft.

The construction of this camo is extremely robust. The camo side is a 210D Oxford Polyester Cloth. Stitched onto the edges is the same size net, made out of a durable twine in about a 4″ block. The twine catches on everything and is annoying to work with, but it saves you from ripping your camo, which would anyways get caught on everything. So it’s a well designed, mature product that will serve your needs for a long time. The colors have stood up great to the Florida sun for months without fading.

We have two sizes in these nets, and this is how ours differ from just about everyone out there, especially the drop shippers from China.

The small size is 6 meters by 8 meters, so about 20 feet by 26 feet. It will completely cover all cars up through minivans size, and will cover the majority of a pickup truck. See the pictures.

The 10×10 is the large size, so about 33 feet squared. It completely covers a truck, with plenty to spare, so you could drape one size of the truck and support the other side of the net for a camo overhang.

Both sizes can be strung corner to corner on trees overhead. they stand up to wind very well, and they have lanyard loops on the corners.

The square footage of the large is over twice the small, so even though it seems only marginally bigger, squared it is actually double the area.

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Large ( 33 by 33 ft ), Small ( 20 x 26 ft )