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5 Pack Emergency Fire Starter Keychain


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Having a fire while being off-grid or in survival mode is a necessity. This lightweight and durable, fire starter keychain is a perfect addition to your emergency kit and will help you start a fire in seconds. We recommend you use this with the steps we provided to ensure safe usage. It’s amazing for starting fires, cooking food with your off-grid stove, as well as staying warm in cold climates.

  • Convenient For: Camping, Hiking, Hunting, Bomb Shelter, Campfires, Your Survival Tool Kit & Emergency Kit
  • Provides 15,000+ Strikes/Fires
  • Not For Children

Step #1. Scrape the black layer off on the flintstone before first use.

Step #2. Unscrew the wick and pour lighter fluid into the small hole on top.

Step #3. Put the reusable wick back inside so it will soak up the lighter fluid.

Step #4. With precaution, strike the wick against the flintstone until you have a flame.

Step #5. To safely extinguish the flame, place the wick back inside the container with lighter fluid.

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